#yesIcan and #yesYOUcan too

WOW! I can't believe I'm here...writing a blog, owning my own gym, doing what I love. Years ago I felt called to write a book...well, that book has not been written. In fact, there's not even any notes, only thoughts in my head (and as you'll see I write like I talk and punctuation and proper grammar, well probably not;). So why not get this party started with a BLOG! Whoop whoop! I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be...#helpingothers and #changinglives! You may say, yeah right, but if I can positively impact one person, one spirit, one soul, one body, then #yesIam! Putting myself out there is scary. It's kind of like coming to the gym for the first time may be scary. Why is that? Maybe because you're scared to fail, you're scared to show your faults, you're scared of who you are, you're scared of looking in the mirror, you're scared of what others might think. Well then let's do this together! #yesIcan and #yesYOUcan too! Let's #tribeup and take this journey together. I hope to see you encouraging and supporting me and I will absolutely be here to encourage and support YOU! Ready? Set? Here we GOOOOO

! Join me. Won't you?

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